... It does get old
Published on February 16, 2008 By Scaled Artist In Welcome
After being absent to the JoeUser world for 4 years... I find myself trailing back. I got sucked into the Myspace scene in order to keep in contact with old peeps that I have met..... got rid of that after about a year... because just as much as we like to keep in contact with folks... there are always those you wish would have forgotten you. There really is no rhyme or reason to what write, draw, or what-have-you... So randomness is to be expected.... but as always I will not serve the general public a dish of shit and say it's ice cream. Photobucket
on Feb 16, 2008
Hi! You're an artist? Nice drawing. I have never read you, seems I started possibly around the time you left! Welcome back to JU!